How to Install Your Simple Grading Software

This page will walk you through installing your new gradebook software. For instructions of how to use GradeGrid once it is installed, please check out our gradebook tour page.

1. Click on Downloads link at top of page.

Downloads Link for GradeGrid - Gradebook Software

2. Sign up for a new account, or if you have already signed up, click on the Sign In link to login.

Sign Up for GradeGrid - Gradebook Software

3. Read license agreement and click install button

GradeGrid Install Button

4. Choose whether to install to desktop, start menu, or both and click OK.

Install Dialog in GradeGrid

5. After installing, GradeGrid will open automatically.

GradGrid Installation Successful

6. Congratulations you have successfully installed GradeGrid! Enjoy using your simple gradebook software!

If you have any trouble installing your gradebook software, please send us an email at We want to make grading easier for you.